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CN-106566973-A: Preparation method for cutting tool composite patent, CN-106591560-A: 一种新型退火机 patent, CN-106631895-A: 苯氧苯氧基丙酸炔丙基酯化合物及其制备方法和用途 patent, CN-106834821-A: 一种高铝锌铝伪合金棒材与丝材 patent, CN-106932593-A: Double-antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit taking NCAM (Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule)-1 as detection index and application of NCAM-1 patent, CN-107002651-A: 充气装置 patent, FR-1400397-A: Dispositif de commande du déphasage de l'allumage pour groupe redresseur onduleur sans courant de circulation patent, GB-2118212-A: Glow-discharge deposition apparatus including a non-horizontally disposed cathode for depositing amorphous layers patent, GB-2121058-A: Relieving stress in polymer articles patent, GB-2121765-A: A dispenser for sheet material patent, GB-2130970-A: Etching depth monitor patent, GB-2131472-A: Railroad sleeper lock-in shoulder patent, GB-2143924-A: V-belt patent, GB-2148841-A: Capsulated medicaments patent, GB-2156751-A: Bale transporter patent, GB-2157264-A: Cable drum ramps patent, GB-2163504-A: Controlling brake pressure in accordance with vehicular load patent, GB-2181070-A: Novel catalyst for the dehydration of monohydric alcohols and a process for the preparation of such catalysts patent, GB-2190082-A: Tolan-type nematic liquid crystalline compounds patent, GB-2193291-A: Pipe support patent, GB-2197715-A: Roof ridge ventilator and ventilated roof ridge structure patent, GB-2221380-A: Garment patent, GB-2228448-A: Paper feeding device patent, GB-2229348-A: Method of reconstituting meat products patent, GB-2229767-A: I.c.engine direct fuel injection system patent, GB-2233103-A: Shutter mechanism patent, GB-2234443-A: Magazine for clay targets patent, GB-2236288-A: A plastics fuel tank, e.g. for a vehicle patent, GB-2238323-A: Device for accommodating delicate textile goods while being washed in a washing machine patent, GB-2242660-A: Articulated rail car connector patent, GB-2246118-A: Cup stripper for nested cups in drinks vending machine patent, GB-2247253-A: Carding machine and method of carding patent, GB-2252060-A: Lead mounting apparatus patent, GB-2257251-A: Method of correcting magnetization vector patent, GB-2262347-A: Measuring heartbeat rate patent, GB-2263140-A: Electromagnetic pump. patent, GB-2263613-A: Dog leash attachment patent, GB-2263963-A: Water heating arrangement patent, GB-2266991-A: RF amplification tube patent, GB-2266993-A: Method of forming single-crystal semiconductor films patent, GB-2274368-A: Determining visibility patent, GB-2276484-A: Security device for a vehicle patent, GB-2280062-A: Method of packaging a power semiconductor device and package produced by the method patent, GB-2280650-A: Metal spiked golf trolley wheels patent, GB-2281509-A: Attachment of headboard to bed patent, GB-2284606-A: Polymerised collagen-based anti-fibroid composition patent, GB-2285143-A: Electric vehicle brake control patent, GB-2291039-A: Trackable mailing pouch patent, GB-2294555-A: Regulating the feed of additional fluid streams into an intaketract of an IC engine patent, GB-2297502-A: Cutter and blower-assist cylinder for a forage harvester patent, GB-2299730-A: Interaction of special services in a telecommunications system patent, GB-2304426-A: Idealised time display device to combat jet-lag patent, GB-2304813-A: Reducing environmentally unfriendly emissions from internal combustion engines patent, GB-2305092-A: Sound signal processing patent, GB-2306489-A: Alkyd resins patent, GB-2318969-A: Coconut beverage patent, GB-2327325-A: Method and apparatus for validating data packets in a paging system patent, GB-2334463-A: Electrostatic chucks patent, GB-2334520-A: Pressure and vacuum vent for a fuel storage tank patent, GB-2335919-A: A method of producing high anti-inflammatory activity extracts from harpagophytum procumbens patent, GB-2337957-A: Method of manufacture of a nonwoven fabric patent, GB-2338463-A: A storage arrangement patent, GB-2340993-A: Composite photovoltaic panel for cladding a roof or facade of a building patent, GB-2341949-A: Method and device for controlling a pump of a brake system patent, GB-2342518-A: Overcurrent protection for distribution networks patent, GB-2345633-A: Variable position vehicle seat patent, GB-2348781-A: Communication method and apparatus improvements patent, GB-2362452-A: An air cooler for use in a gas-turbine plant patent, GB-2366751-A: Coating-film forming method patent, GB-2368665-A: On-line multimedia product catalogue patent, GB-2385121-A: Compact optical sensing system patent, GB-2387435-A: Nuclear detector for multiphase fluid sensing patent, GB-2389004-A: A mobile electronic device having a rechargeable power source and means for disabling the device if placed in an alien recharger as it determines its location patent, GB-2389168-A: A cartridge, particularly for placement tools patent, GB-2390243-A: Two-stage interferometric optical regenerator patent, GB-2391225-A: Method of purifying Fischer-Tropsch derived water patent, GB-2395069-A: Rack-mounted equipment case patent, GB-2396969-A: Structures with magnetic properties patent, GB-2397950-A: Diplexer patent, GB-2401234-A: System for mounting a flexible sheeting material to a substrate patent, GB-2401825-A: A figured and patterned casing for a computer patent, GB-2402349-A: Peer-to-peer gaming network patent, GB-2410266-A: Single cone drill bit patent, GB-2411916-A: Mining machine having primary and secondary drum cutting drives patent, GB-2415250-A: Transparent camera calibration tool patent, GB-2426085-A: Horizontal and vertical error correction coding patent, GB-2426307-A: Coupling with gate valve for fibre optic conduits patent, GB-2435203-A: Vehicle tyre cleaner patent, GB-2435764-A: Method of sealing an annular space in a wellbore patent, GB-2444696-A: Light weight lifting tool for subsea equipment patent, GB-2455901-A: An auxiliary circuit operating actuators and having a dedicated pump suitable for turbomachinery patent, GB-2457044-A: Tough and resilient denture spacer patent, GB-2461139-A: A pull-out spray head for a kitchen sink faucet patent, GB-2463497-A: Alarm system for money collection box patent, GB-2473850-A: Cache configured to operate in cache or trace modes patent, GB-2474883-A: Isolation tool patent, GB-2476708-A: A multistory building made up of stacked insulated units patent, GB-2477472-A: A wind power unit patent, GB-2477602-A: Coating a monolith substrate with catalyst component patent, GB-2478446-A: Sensor for detection of nucleic acid patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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